This How Feel intro (IS IT BECAUSE I'M BLACK)

Time is going but we ain't
The position is still the same
The motion is pain
Still got ice covering our hearts there's no hope it will break
Hoping for hope in faith ,holy praying
God free us from these holding chains ,
A planet of peace ,to get there love is the only way
It's so possible if we march as a human race but in reality its so
Impossible cause they still feel superior than us ,continuing to do everything in their power to see us down ,like we dont matter ,look at em streets its murder ,education, keeps to benefit the privilege most ,still wonder why
Some in the ghetto no longer see it as a ladder to use for succeeding ,no education certificate proving we do qualify to living better ,not all of us get them,some get the popular one of death that our parents accept ,tear up,looking up to the sky hoping the lord can hear us,no fam no Law can help us ,our colour skin is seen as a sin,now how the hell can we have love for saints ? While we're being labeled as sinners father these killers kill us cause by colour we differ, be smart and check what we bleed up there ain't no difference, they should know better cause they the reason hope that's getting sweep down the street of grief
By out tears ,in our hearts resides a lot of fears why is it because we black ? A threat to the white so they got the world extremely cold ,not fair to our sons ,these cops kill them showing care
In two countries history's suddenly repeating its self currently in SA a white farmer forcefully put a brother in a coffin alive I wonder is it because he black !? Obviously yeah
2016. Was such a painful hardening year ,
Police eliminating brothers in the US
I see annihilating the Culture they trynna do that
Teachers don't touch on the topic of race
Well aight little ones coming after us
We'll be the ones to school them