Mad Kid

Aye, (you know what time it is) aye (its....)
as I carry on tradition (1496) ,try and listen
aye ,aye
aye ,listen
(Rap Oxygen)
yeah ..[Verse 1]
Lyrical Psychic
Physically enter to Temper your mind with punches
you mad ,my pen is Demented ,look how insanely damage them with my writings ,dammit kid, you and your crew's
candle fire ,that got you hyped up
I'll blow and ice it ,my name's relevant
when the talk is crisis
parental advisory ,dear elderly ,command your son (sun) to not fight me
cause I'm gon' make him go Sad (set)
your life gon' be darken
how my tape gon' sound like ?
they so concerned ,well predicting its like
rolling Dices ,but no fear the outcome you gon like it
Duduza who ,Who good at rappin' ?
I don't care so stop comparing
but Temper you ,you good
with these figures of speech,
I figured you ill
well I appreciate the credit,
with more good music to share I expect to see dividend appreciation ,so let me see some figures for that speech as proof
that you appreciate me,
Dead presidents ,check out my mind they buried there
in my dreams I'm accountant ,but in reality its people taxi change that I'm counting so chosen ones I dream that I'm counted ,industry it ain't a dream that I'm coming Overrated Rappers Be Cautious
I wasn't working on a tape I was working on coffins my rivals Be Warned Apocalypse's approachin' your world in mine we're still goin' 76 to the top we'll make it in time
I'm adamant and focused ,
who raps excellent its obvious
the kid is good no need for coaching
my mission is to see mama be on that proud emotion ,look how hard I'm goin'
like I was naughty when this song I wrote it,
my road is ? success ,the devil is mad callin'
with somethin' offer
but my hands are too cold to hold it
hell you gon freeze if you hold me,so don't you dare approach me (,don't )
Aye !!
I've gone !! (Mad)
I've gone !!
(mad) I've gone !!! (Mad)
I've gone !! (Mad) ,I've gone
Mad (mad) I've gone !!! (Mad)
Mad Boy
[Verse 2]
yeah I'm mad boy ,angry face cause I'm slept on ,
turn up hooks,looks got these whack rappers overrated ,Bars matter no more
I guess fake is real at this stage that we at god ,
Twitter likes got em thinking they fly
this birdies be beefing for hype
how amazing you claiming the bar you raise it and weakness in your raps is so strong
here's some lessons ,blessings
from the wicked god
go try ,practice jus don't take a weekend long some of these popular rappers what they be spitin' is frozen no joking
I laugh now as I skate on
that ice ,hardly goin' ,hopin' it will break off
so they'll be hot if you're whack and got love for hip hop at least quit rappin' ,come beat box
so these rhymes can kill the heart beat from your mouth ,this game's really a desert ,look how thirsty they are ,busy sweating asking for water from Temper's department of water service , The Sun's heat wave hot ,so i got no place to throw shade Dawg
here I ain't throwing no subs
I'm jus showing some love
hip hop look how I carry your tradition
till death in booth I'll be living
future is I ,come see it
and I'm only glad for being mad if I am the reason "Temper"
Aye !
and I'm only glad for being mad if I am the reason X 5
I've gone !! (Mad)
I've gone !!
(mad) I've gone !!! (Mad)
I've gone !! (Mad) ,I've gone
Mad (mad) I've gone !!! (Mad)
Mad Boy.