Mud & Honey

Kaleidoscopic billiard balls speak to the man in the red dry wall
Who's bound to fall before he's called to be cured of all the ailments he was born to labour
Boots sink in the moonlit gum
The quick release of your granddads gun
The towering feeling of being just one in the queue that leads past the wind and sun in your veins
Ask the every man
He seems to know opportunites that grow
And go down forest drains deep into the spiraling spells of shoe gaze

Plasticine scheme team cooked up on roofs
That make orange people see into the hearts and the minds and the dreams in your beds
Sea-green magazines floor deep in fallacies of broken lonely movie stars that can't afford their hobbies
Turned on by your tv
Plugging in the coffee
Two sugars with your cd's
Just so wildly staring at the blue screen that eats your thoughts

Deeper and deeper every night
You've fallen from a height
Not even time can make it right
So tell us of your might

Don't go stand up there, those people want to steal your gold
Don't go running scared
It never makes you feel less sold
The ones that brought you there
They never want you to be known
They'll bleed you dry without care
You're sinking quicker than your shoal
We're rounded into pairs and numbererd like a mute front line
Are the poets really dead
I thought our allegory kept them alive

[Repeat x3]
They fill their coffee cups with your blood
Fill them up and drink to your demise

The will provide the corset
We'll provide the spine
They wont survive the winter