Pull Up

Pull Up (Prod. by 5Tens ..All together by BTee)

Calabas Gang



We gon' pull up...
Pay my money...
Up in my jig...

Pull-up, Pull-up, Pull-up
We gon' pull up (we gon' pull up)
Pull-up, Pull-up, Pull-up X2
Niggar pay my money (pay my money)

Pull-up, Pull-up, Pull-up
Up in my jiggy (up in my jig)
Pull-up, Pull-up, Pull-up X2
We gon' pull up (we gon' pull up)

[Oh,yeah]Told 'em I'm in it for the riches [riches]
Vans on my shit like a pro-skater [pro-skater]
Now these haters are looking for a feature
They prolly heard I'm the niggar
[Yeah!] Niggas forced it on classic, while we cooked the jiggy
Man, I'm jiggy til forever
And bitches be coming like money bag
Buy man these bitches gon' fuck withchu if only you got the bag

(Voices -lol-)


Circle small l don't fuck with extra large [XL]
I'm so jiggy, jiggy shit on my veins
Working on the low, but I'm high as fuck
I'm feeling like Rambo, so it's do or die
[Yeah!] Ready like Flexis & smooth Lix
Just like the grave I'm only 'bout the deaths
Money bag, body bag
Yeah I've got lot of bags
I solved that X
You know l don't fuck with felebs
[Placid, Placid, Placid]
I'm from the land of the jig
You niggas forever fakin'
Man, l was a savage before 21 [savage]
Making profit, I'm not even 21 [savage]
Cuff a crib for my sister and the little ones
Littty, Litty on the jiggy side
Ice on my fuckin' neck
Man, I'm feeling cold

~ Hook ~