Fuck what you thought
I'm living proof or a living legend
Peep the segment
It's the true reflection of what living blessed is
I can't lie, I'm blessed I can't cry
I'mma live forever this only means I can't die
Overlooked, maybe underpaid
Fuck I'm under pain, I'm under strain
I understand this picture took a lot to paint
Paint a picture paint a picture
Yes this capture rainy days
I'm hella paid, syke I'm hella broke
And I'mma need a change
Mama told me I'mma change the world
Focus on the plan it's riff rapper's tent
This kick back is crack, I sit back, relax
You sit back, relapse
So best believe I plan to save the world
They say I'm overlooked, overlooked
While my colleagues getting double-booked
Fuck am I to do, am I to fuck a diamond too
These niggas lying all day
While I prioritise the truth
These niggas lying all day
Guess it's the pride in 'em
While I inspire freedom, then I come across the roof
I'm traumatised since my papa died
My scars are living proof
But my heart is beating
You should see my spirit is the truth