Love to Africa

I recollect how we used to
Stay up all night, baby it's alright
A man is what i am
I get up in the morning
'cause the hustle in the plan
I just hope you understand
Fuck broke life my stove light been off since
And I don't front talking all that I'm a boss shit
I got bills nigga, this is not a game
Picture we was innocent
Fast forward to the fame
God damn what it do what it do
Pass me the mic, coming through, coming through
I remember, shit was simple is you kidding
Now a muhfuker gotta take a life to make a living
God damn mama told me she told me
Stay faithful and look out for your homies
Bloodshot eyes I'm still losing sleep
Got this pen by my reach
A cup of Henny by my feet
Get money no regrets nigga
But my people turn slave when the cheque bigger
Can't front I'mma net figures
I'm praying for a miracle
I'm reading all the best scriptures
God damn I remember we was throwing bones
Too shy to tell a girl that we was feeling her
Now this TV done made a nigga's confidence grow
We tell these bitches to their face
That we gon sleep with them
The life I chose, the times I froze
Stage lights got me tripping on these line I wrote
God damn, black child you a diamond
Stay woke, keep your eyes on the prizes
I'm inspired by your fave, by your goals
Lit a fire in my heart, I just gotta let you know
I just gotta let it out, put the vision in the song
So you know what I'm about
Keep it burning 'til I'm gone
And when I'm gone like Mike Jack
They'll write about me
And keep them little nigga son the right track
Okay I might snap, okay I'm postal
I pose a threat on them socials I told you
Read a book, keep our mind inspired
This shit is flaky
That's why one of my dons retired
Rest in peace to the greats
We gon sing for 'em
Tell a thug stay cool don't let it ring on 'em
Stay equipped, yes knowledge is power
Red roses, take time to smell all the flowers
And in a minute a nigga finnin devour your favourite rapper
I clap him, it's safe to say I'm a monster
God damn, I'd rather burn out than fade away
So say amazing grace to a great who done paved the way
I say say amazing grace to a great who done paved the way