Under the Sun

Housing a total of seventeen tracks, P has built his fans' suspense for the project for some time now. Songs such as I'm No Vulture and Pholas found a home in the project and are joined by unheard tracks as well as guest features from Reason, Rea, and Hakeem Anderson who assists P on The Last Ballad. Angie Santana is among the artists who assist in bringing Under The Sun to life in a sensual, afrobeat laced song titled Bedroom Tales.

PdotO takes flight in the opening track with his head above the clouds while rapping his heart out. The rapper has grown quite fond of the sombre, dark instrumentals in his more introspective songs. The album title track is no different as it finds P spit his truth over a suspenseful beat by Caeser Siseko who is also behind production in the following track, Angels. The song was released last year and is a personal favourite, not only because of how they sampled Sade's Pearls but also how P told his story. In his rhymes, he never forgets to show love to his loyal supporters and his dear Mother, he would later show love to Africa as well. Mali D and Tamarsha give assistance in the suspenseful I Don't Get It which is our first encounter of a softer voice in the project before we're introduced to Angie, Rea, Melina and Thokozile.

P later flexes his flawless lyricism about being overlooked and recounts his memories with plans to save and change the world. He taps Reason the gaaahd bahdy to celebrate the roses and all the successes in their lives because there's no such thing as a small victory. We presume this is the song we picked up last year when both emcees were pictured in studio together, could be. In between The Last Ballad and The Love Ballad with Melina, you get to hear a smooth new song to help lift you up when you're down. P flexes his aggression in Die Never where M2kane, Captain, and Rinnie Pizzle back him but he later finds his centre in the piano laced Time Waits For No Man, also finding light in the darkness. Under The Sun was definitely worth the wait, from start to finish you can hear just how much effort was put in each song and we appreciate PdotO's efforts to share his gift with his supporters.


# Title Length
1 Fly 4:23
3 Angels 5:20
4 Love to Africa 3:54
7 Overlooked 2:06
8 Memories 3:37
9 Celebrate The Roses 5:52
11 When You're Down 3:45
16 I'm No Vulture 5:45