Say What's Real 2

Look, I’m my own worst enemy, lost in my own shit
I’m taking what they throw at me, I’m taking what they owe to me
They say that locally we stand to be competitors
But when they see us face to face these niggaz don’t acknowledge us
But that’s aight though, I’m not the one to hold a grudge
All I do is keep it moving usually with who to trust?
Nobody! It’s almost a catastrophe
Honestly, these niggaz know better than to fuck with me
I’m trapped in this rap shit, thinking about the next hit
Formulating plans who to feature who to strap with
It’s not important though although I’ve harnessed the flow
Put it on gear 4 show ‘em how to push it forth
Ah… many people say I’ve changed though
Damn could have fooled me I’m doing what I came for
Fuck it let it rain more standing with a chainsaw
Ready for whatever they got I aint afraid at all
Ah… bad thoughts seem to trouble me
Find myself resenting everybody coming up on me
Death before dishonor got the gentleman’s integrity
A studio rat blaming the passion coz it never sleeps
3 O’Clock in the morning I need a better beat
Let it be said that I’ll die before I give it up
Easily I pick it up, lyrically I stiffen up
Freaky ass women telling me they wanna lick me up
I aint changed ma, I’m just doing me
Although at times I think a lot of people using me
But listen truthfully there’s nothing they can do to me
The music that I usually release keeps the unity
Blind shut eyes like I’m swallowing tequila
Rock Star life now they following the leader
Pdot sick but they arguing my fever
My girl don’t trust me so I think it’s time I leave her
Yeah… Lord give me a sign
It’s too much to deal with it kinda fickle my mind
As I stand here alone I figure with time
It gets better, even though my soul bleeding inside
Look… everyday niggaz praying on my downfall
Wanna see me slip up drop and hit the ground floor
God got a plan for me something that I’m proud of
These niggaz can’t fool me I know all about y’all
Yeah… back home mama crying
She got a lot of stress I just channel it to rhyming
Hard to impress but I never stop trying
I’m giving it my best coz I see my block dying
Cocaine flow… crack music
And most lames know P blast through it
Never had a gimmick I just spit truth use it
To build an empire call it Pdot Movement
Yes.. I got angelic forces all around me
Watch a nigga take it to corporates and without me
Rap would be a bunch of worst shit if you doubt me
Watch the flame burn up your fortress so sorry
Baby I was caught up in bullshit which I’ll probably
Suffer for the proof is in the music
And with God be the best recognize before you loose it
From my town getting energy and love and I fuse it
With all passion cold nappin’
I don’t see competition no action
Yes… I’m Stevie Wonder to these niggaz
They fighting over crumbs while my shit keep figures
So commercial though I’m still a street nigga
Don’t need a real label I just need to speak Slikour
Yes… now you tell me who the realest here
Think it safe to say I’m the rapper’s worst nightmare
Why would she make coz I go blue
Now I’m awake sleepers in you
Hey hey hey hey don’t say you will
Unless you will hey hey hey hey
Don’t say you will then play you will
I pray you will