Run All Stars Remix


When you see us RUN
When we speak cuz HUSH
We can eat y’all RAW
We bringing heat y’all RUN
Who the street is US… who the street is US
Who the street is US

This is the remix…

Hey yo rappers aint clear I can’t stand them
Niggaz wanna talk about drugs and the way their man sell them
So you gotta let N’Veigh tell them
Only white that you ever bought was a Danny K album
When we lacing on beats
Son you’d swear we got a lotta pistols when we blazing with heat
Say your boy gear lacing the streets
Man your crew are like Mashada I know you aint messing with Keith

Clean cut from the fitters to the sneakers fam
Chase dough but I deliver like a pizza man
Spit brief no long ass silly speech
Tight and short like Mini-Me in skinny jeans
I don’t do bright colors I’m a mood killer
The spot light is on me y’all is room fillers
Bring heat Lebron James you will see flames
No Myprodol you still in the sleep phase


Ahh… I’m extraordinary still
Still I don’t worry about beef and culinary skills
For real the raps stay very ill
That’s why I’m living off these cheques from steady deals
Yeah I’m playing the field what I write is magic
I’m a mic maverick, put me on the higher bracket
Plus I’m nice at it, got the right package
Coz the verse is like your career quite tragic

Yeah… aha… R to da for real
First gear still taking off
Sick flow from the rear you can hear me come
Black on black kid call me Hasselhoff
Spit game get you outlined in white chalk
Real talk compared to us you spark
We like fireworks in the dark
My people skills so lethal chill
Y’all see through still unequal for real


How the fuck you claim you gangsta and you squeeze glocks
When your guns aint coming out like the Detox
We don’t believe you you aint never gripped the heat
To me that shit you spit is fairytales… Liquideep
Yeah I’m in too deep it’s that scuba dive flow
Don’t even come out for air I brutalize y’all
These rappers lukewarm Tido give them damn hell
Yes I’m a Man on fire like Denzel

Told y’all I’m square toes can’t nobody fuck with me
And homeboy tell your girl to stop rushing me
My company she pay for it but the nuts for free
They pass the torch to P coz they trust in me
We stay running game they stay running away
It’s PDot season they try to crush the way
Clever and better Mayweather its cheque or change
I’m money chaser ‘til at least a nigga ankle sprain