High Fashion

It's a mans world
We just living in it (wrong)
It's my world
Don't give me lip my man
Light it up son and smoke
Murder, murder, murder , she wrote
You still on that same shit
That's why you broke
If you tried to do what I do you would probably choke
Putting my city on the map
Cape of Good Hope
Man the place of good hope (ahhh)

Patty boom boom
Patty boom boom boom
So high fashion
Should be up in London
Patty boom boom
Patty boom boom boom
You wanna eat it up
Like nom nom nom

I'm in my own zone
Sipping on potions
My outfit be potent
My silence is golden
Got the dreams
Got the means of a queen
All natural roll it up and smoke green
I'm doing shit you aint never seen
I be the mascot and the star player of the team (whaat)
Cause I'm a teaser
Crowd pleaser
Thought you gonna get me on my knees (haah!)
You barely know your ABC's
You not making enough cheese


Got em jaws
Hanging on em floors
Wide open like a 24 hour store
I got the gift of gab
They call me Santa Clause
They be asking me for shout outs on my radio tours
Thirsty bitches in the club
Hulle's lekka dorse
By the time you a star
Imma be a boss
They say money over bitches, everyday
I put money on my bitches, anyday
See I'm a 90's baby
Yeah a free born
And it won't take long till I'm bigger than King Kong
I'm on a mission
To listen
To my intuition
More than I've ever done before
I never keep it hidden
I bring the riddems (x2)
I bring the riddems (x2)
From Jozi, Maputo to Malawi
I bring the riddems (x3)
From Naija, Angola, Rwanda, Botswana
I bring the riddems, yeah
I bring the riddems
Miss P-A-T from CPT (Is who you feeling)