It’s been over a year since Patty Boom Boom dropped her first single Talk produced by Sketchy Bongo, and after the year she’s just had in 2016 she’s ready to drop her first full length album. It’s titled Malatjie derived from the word “Malletjie” an original Cape Coloured slang word meaning – someone not quite right in the head. Being the innovator that she is, she flipped it around and owned the word giving it a new light. If you follow her on social media you’ll see that that’s how she also refers to her fans and familia as well. To her, “Malatjies” are people who choose to be different and are not confined by any limitation.


# Title Length
2 For You 3:07
3 Castles 3:18
9 Talk 3:30
13 Reminiscing 3:54