Journey Through the Shadows

“Journey Through The Shadows” is the band’s fourth studio album including 12 brand new tracks of their undeniable romantic and anthemic rock sound while offering several surprises along the way.
The first single ‘Save Your Best Bits’, with its theme of not allowing negative things from the past to affect the good parts of your soul, and the celebratory ‘I Am Alive’ are about catharsis. They chase those moments of universal human experience when everyone in the room is uplifted by a shared emotion. That theme informs the album’s title, “Journey Through The Shadows”, which singer Morbee explains, is a metaphor for the human experience. “You’re not given a guidebook or map at birth that guarantees the smoothest path,” he says. “Ultimately, we all walk through with a candle that only allows us to see so far in front of ourselves. You never know what’s around the corner, so it’s an analogy for life.” No doubt that The Parlotones know how to create melody-minded arena-filling songs that transcend language and culture barriers. “Journey Through The Shadows” will be released in 2 different formats.
While the standard package includes the full album on CD, the Limited Edition features a bonus DVD with the greatest videos of all hits like ‘Life Design’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Should We Fight Back’ as well as a never seen before Making Of footage from the recording sessions of the new album.