Geee Papist emce

(Hook 1)
Thats The Boy Papist emce
I Took a Time To Play Def Sp-12 Check This Out
I Finna Drop Young Nation Come On 'Niggaz Let's play we Generations

(Verse one)
Pull em down herrow a heavy device pulled over the Ground ain't have sucker we just hay favour ' i ain't scared nothing Papist emce-ee i rap thil i'm Crooked'' no premo i drop Medication'' without no Generation i rap camical idyllic for shizzle you finna adolize ' realize yoh negro you joke my style coz i save my lines like i'm excesice ' i kill microphone real to reel i ruff neck nigga on my ghetto 24/7 i chew my sp-12 i ain't scared nothing with your scare face just stapout coz your still churren you jump the coach nigga dont pull em down coz i'm a freak merrow in date your selft i finna pill a cap

(Hook 2)
Thats the boy papist emce i took a time to play def sp-12 check this out i finna drop young nation come on niggaz lets play we generation

(Verse Two)
Ah-yo trick the way i spit is like i'm on the compatation wraith damn i spit scarry my Flows carapace like zappy of carnival i'm so camical my bitch hard like califor for shizzle my nizzle i finna fizzle bizzle wit my fizzle tizzle i am a freeway you shake my hand but you better watch it befor you damp the G 'papist emce my music so advocation my mission is too advocate if you wanna dance with my alcapella coz my tempo attract like skin on the bitch 'how Do i bang with the snitch (aggggg puuuu) Snitch Underground mada fox Papist emce 'i smash Sp-12 until the beat got broke coz my heart is pew (jiggy)

(Hook 3)
That's the boy papist emce i took time to play def sp-12 check this out i finna drop Young nation come on niggaz let's Play we generation

Papist emce On The beat for shizzle ma nizzzle (haaa ha ha ha ha ha)
Yea... Papist .......' Papist emce' papist.........geeeeeeee. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha