( Verse 1 )

No Force No Gimmicks ' I am
The Masterpiece
( Oh For Sure )
But Instead I Never Mean To Vandalize
Or To Rest In Peace Your Thought
Cos I smoke lyrics n put weed
On The mic to make high music//
If I can able to chock 8 Mc's that's the
Only way I can stay on my basics //
I Come Around Wit Some Cheep
Just like Bandanna I be Cover Up
Your Head Wit One Punch You Gotta
Hear !! All Chicks Claps//
This is lyrical war// No Guns! Only Beat
And Words , Kinda Of
Physical Bar//
Cos After This Line , Accident
By Shooting Emcees Verbal//
Come And Face Me With No Point I'm
Gonna Put You On ICU then
Call Me Mind Robbery//
Yep I'm The Most illest Mc Alive,
The One Who Knows The Writer Of The

( Hook one )

(Verse 2 )

I am super fly when it comes to the
Rap showy//
You Got Microphone I also got mine
So let's take it to the
Battle Hommie//
To Prove You Wrong I'm Gonna Knock
You Out Within 5 Minutes //
My Rhymes Reloaded Thousand Time
Just Like One Plant Of Peanuts //
I'm so sick x3
Cos I left Emcees Lifeless with Bold On Their
Heads// Crazy Part About It , Is That I Keep On
Rapping No Stop No Ends//
Just like a river I keep on flowing//

( Hook two )

( Outro )

( Hook three )