Your son is a star

Oz KayLoz-Your son is a star[EP]

Your son is a star (Prod. by Dj Wayse)

Oz KayLoz

Your son is a star[EP] (2017)


No clique, under pressure, double tap & it's a new t'ing.
Higher speed, pockets matter, okay hitta that's a new t'ing.

Man y'all show no love.
I don't care I know I got fans & I ain't tell no lie.
Got no bands but ish is worth it.

Tryna get mama a mansion.
My maneuver so bizarre.
Kid is way above average.
Mama your son is a star.

Tryna get mama a mansion.
My maneuver so bizarre.
Hey. (x2)
Mama your son is a star.

[Verse 1]
I used to do it for kiddos but I see they never impressed.
People you tryna impress are the same ones that hurt you.
Whenever I'm shinning my smile is reversed.
I got it straight from the bottom man why won't you gimme some credit?
Fellows they look at me funny cause when they be solving 'em X's I'm rapping.
I'm so ambitious man the kid got the passion.

Sometimes I feel like I ain't making moves.
Pockets empty but i still play it cool.
I'm the one who got mad pistols.
Check the coast I'm chilling like a villain.

Fan base increasing boy I'm highly favoured.
I put the work & act like nothing's major.
Since DN you've been stacking your data.
Predicting all my ish I'm such a presager.


[Verse 2]
Lo! A prince juhs landed on a beat.
Face me & tell me what you see.
I got goals, ambitions & dreams, it's clearly beyond what you see.

I do it overnight, hoping that I'll make a living out of it.
Man i be grindin' & I keep it tight.
But errthing's the same man I had enough of it.

I know we all rappers, but we the game in different perspective.
We ain't only trapping, we also got stories to tell man you should respect it.

You here to visit & I'm here to stay.
I still got passion though I'm underrated.
I was here before the thing was a trend now the game polluted cause they do it for fame.