Let it go

Oz KayLoz-Your son is a star[EP]

Let it go (Prod. by Dj Wayse)

Oz KayLoz

Your son is a star[EP] (2017)


Let it go. (x2)
I said let it go.
Let it go man...

I'm with too many traitors I'm juhs acting fool. (I'm juhs acting fool)
I always get the vision in a better view. (In a better view)

'Bout to make it to the forth. (Forth)
Go & tell 'em tha' we on. (Oh)
Let it go, Let it go. (Let it go)
Follow Oz & let it go. (Ya)

[Verse 1]
Please Don't compare me to my peers.
I surpassed 'em way way back.
Talking talking hitta cut me some slack.

Undercover like I'm Cody Banks.
Aiming at ya yet I'm hologram.
It's my start-up where your level max.
Done my work address me to the bag.

I hear YOLO when I keep it low, I go shut it down & leave 'em talking 'bout it.
You thinking Mojo when I'm switching modes, different kinda dopeness-my ish suicidal.

Y'all never know 'nless you put me on.
I got no doll cause I'm good alone.
If i make some money i make her a bimbo man this is crazy, switch the feelings off.


[Verse 2]
If this is a movie then you juhs caught up in a scene.
Taking a different route cause these 2faced be my tale, I don't even know my G's.
Don't push the convo 'nless you talking biz.
All of my vocals are hunnid degrees.

(Interlude:Eh,yimanyana hefo.Hol-up hol-up)

I'm getting deals on a low.
I've been a threat to your mix tapes now I'm sending alerts to your phones.
I remember you was laughing at me now you run-up on me to the show. (To the show)
I got plenty missiles I'm a yob. (I'm a yob)
A-Bombs on the foes. (On the foes)
Power moves oh no.

Hop on The KiD cause I float in a minute or so.
You pulling stunts & I'm braking 'em codes.
You better follow cause we making moves but the difference is I'm balling solo.


Somebody pray for the kid. (x2)
I can't make it on my own.
Somebody pray for the kid. (x2)
Somebody... I can never make it on my own