Everything change, I just need patience.

It's a long drive, 'been about it since I came in. (Yea)
The money & the freedom, 'think about it all the time.
'Wonder how my idols made it. (Yea)
Maybe I should be patient.

'Hate picking sides cause I barely celebrate it. (Yea)
I know God is with us, he gon' bless us with the shine and we book a Tel naked. (Yea)
Screaming that we made it. (Yea)

[Verse 1]
it's getting tough around here.
And don't you come and tell me how to do it, it's not a breeze.
Waphusha, it gets rough around here.
Making sacrifices, investing that little money I got from daddy, It's tough around here.
Tryna show my fam I'm dedicated to music, I sleep knowing I'm the plug around here.
But nxggas don't pay around here.

Look, this is insane.
All they say is "Oz is the baddest on a come-up" but you can never see me on stage.
Maybe I'm destined for a bigger stage, who knows?

I believe I don't need people to believe in me.
Realised only a few put some faith in the kid.
Don't believe just bare witness, I was born a winner.
Kick the front door, tell 'em hatters freeeze!

All the ish I'm going through feels like a bullet on me.
Tired of talking, I want the mular to do it for me.
I know my values, I can't let you make a fool of me.
Dealing with daily problems is something new to me.

Let me tell you how my... Mind set changed, changed the game and I started getting hate.
Let me tell you how I've... Seen God's grace, started having faith. Man everything change now I just need patience.

Everything change, I just need patience.


[Verse 2]
I'd rather wait for my blessings than be illuminati
I stay humble on a hustle, my pockets are starving.
They say a man for himself.
I'm tryna put my wings together so any season you can catch me flying.

Matter'fact I got no haters, just fake friends.
And a bunch of strangers valavaku kut' endla meh.
And my hood is full of all these jealous funny mans.
All the allegations, I feel like The Maaaan!

We was given freedom.
But a black child skipping school and smoking in his cribo.
Well... That's black for me.
That's one of the reasons people chasing after miracles.

I know that God got us but we also gotta work.
We fight battles and conquer cause we all blessed.
The whole fam supportive so I'm hella thankful.
Snakes can't reach out, we off all the grass.

I'm tryna rap my city up.
It's funny how the people within it don't see the vision like the kid does.
Maybe in their eyes I'm just a crumb.
But just to let you know, Ain't nobody does it like the kid does.

I Keep my dreams to myself, yea I never share.
I want 'em to come true, I don't want 'em spread.
Pulling strings and leaving everything to God's hands.
I just keep it going, me don't ever look back.