Hook: Say that's yo shooter why you sent him he ain't fuckin shoot us catch em lackin wit his niggas we gone start shootin we got 40s wit extensions Mac 90s an Rugers we got a clique full of killas ready to make a movie (2x)

Verse 2. keep talkin like u cut throat n imma stretch ya stop flexin like u Chris masters bitch ion wrestle I'm thuggin I was raised in da streets bitch I'm a bastard fuck ya momma fuck ya grand mammy n ya daddy lil savage he at yo head bout dat cabbage in traffic I'm chasin dem carrots bitch imma rabbit yo main bitch she a eater bitch imma beata den leave ha cus i ain got time 4 a skeezer he clutchin but jit ain bussin he a poser I'm leaning off promethisein n sprite soda if its beef I'm off in yo cut me n lil action wit ratchets 40s wit dicks n automatics I'm beatin on dat lil bitch bk like I'm ha daddy call ruger bitch dats my shoota he make it happen he actin like he bout dat pressure bitch imma smash em n lean em up out his adidas ain wit da rappin my daddy told me stop dat cussin I be trippin I asked em wtf he was at when I was little my mamma raised us up by ha self she was hustlin if I catch da nigga who killed Lenny imma buss him

#OTM #Shooters