Sinner Vain

Cisco parcket tracer spirits from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation. take me back then the day when my life has a rotation. Gone are the days i used to raise my hands in class, to unswer the definition of education. I used to pay more attention. Till i watched my father violently abuse my mather. That was the time i give birth the depression . I thought is the way we live then him bacame my inspiration , I was young by that time before I reach 10 years . I work for jepas crippers in my every nightmares. This life is difficult than your boyfriend playing with your feelings. I never be happy like you the day your boyfriend bought you an earrings. Im always high like im a reece . doing drugs so that i can maintain. Part of the reason that can handle this gat damm pain. We mybe related bt you dont even know my pain. Even myself can't explain. Mybe I have sinner vain , deep in my gat damm brain. Why i always do bad again and again . I spent a night with my buddy's gel the day b4 today bt still the same . I hate the photographer, this picture isn't the right 1 to frame, I always do people wrong like badvibe is my name. People complain about draught mybe im the reason why no father like son now u know where you gon put a blame, You retweet my handsome picture bcoz you You don't even know my inside .Myself and i always fight. Bt never reach who is wrong or right. I had a dream of the pastor wearing a suit the colour was white . All i heard him was "sinners gonna die, they will never get to see a heaven. He made me imagine myself roasted in hell. I think of getting in my suit , and be ready for church before they ring its bell . Get baptised mybe everything gon be well. Feel free like jub jub out of the jail. tanking God like ,give that man habell.