Things that I do count and….. How I put them down on paper
You know, it’s really Matrix, it’s just.. so so you know.. Mind blowing.
Levitating breaking laws of science, read the signs, I make a snake bite its tale.
Tales of survival.

Verse 1
Shedding dikeledi like Max Bua,
I wonder why,your close friends bare
Hlaba mokgotsi ,o ska kgotsa
Bitsa mokgotsi,kuwa
I’m only saying hore
We Been doing this Jolo for long since Kuwa
Tshelenyana from your friends
Ga ere berekele ere
tlhabaa right in the heart
You don’t even smile
Go boima it gets hard
I know I’m a sinner
But I never had your friend
For dinner
Tlogela Dolly
Follow this Love pattern
I never ran away with Jolene
O dira middle finger up for me
For mejolo I never did?
ke sono fela,abuse in the house
O lahla vulgar on me,ga di tshabe
O mpitxa Vagabond,she is kicking off go Bonda
Bona daar,she is rolling a blunt
Smoking the plant,but after getting high wa blanda
O mpotxa bo X,di ex,ga o dibala bala here
Who will be having the last laugh?

Chorus : Baby please stay
Don’t go away babe
You’r spitting tshele on my face for the things
I never did,
Kante re bo mang why are we always fighting
Please stay babe
Don’t go away

Verse 2

Ka mmona acting fool
Spilling the food
Becoming a fool
She forgets hore mina ka mo ranza
Ha ke ma chancer
I’m always saying
Emanyana beya bag
Look back,I’m not bad
Fetxa beeke,
Beek beek nyana
Maybe we can work
Here take my word
Please stay
I hate this Mainstay
I can’t stay in this Mainstay
I’m in a bad state of mind
You got my head spinning
Feeling mad
Full of rage
Acting silly
Hitting the Ceiling
I think I better
Let you drop
Nagging you I Stop
My music on the Bright Lights
Smooth like Nola
No lie
No longer feeling there is a lot at stake
I’m never begging you to stay
I’m walking to the Top
To the clouds I got to go
Spare me your doubts
Touch me on the web
Type my name on the tube
It’s true
I gave my heart to the tunes
And I wacko jacko dance on the sample

Repeat chorus

Verse 3

We always fighting
Never rocking it steady
I said it
Maybe if you bury judging me
You will care
I’m done kneeling down
Asking you to Stay
The chorus got it
It says what I always say
Babe stay
Oh check it,check it
It’s hot,
I can’t breathe so I leave
I guess you gonna say stay
I’m done blocking you to to move
Switching lanes
Buying myself a good mood
Listen to the song
I will never say
You will never ever hear me kere
Don’t go away babe
Don’t go away babe