Baseline nigga,
Pondi jam, pondi jam Muaf*cker

I aint the best, but I'm close to
Being the greatest when it comes to
Rapping and freestyling when i want to
Imma star studded, Shinning bright too

I'm the one your mama told you bout
Baby I'm the one you've been hearing bout
Its me and my niggaz, we smoking loud
We be shinning bright like

Imma supanova
I be shinning like, i be shinning like
Imma supanova
Living like a Casanova

(VERSE 1-O'naz)
Sixty on a second, i got like a minute in my time measure
Looking straight to cameras,
Tryna take a better picture
Of how i murdered two birds with one stone
I was up in the booth, typing bars with my cell phone
Used to leave class to the studio with my uniform
Made my first track whatchu niggas never done
Tryna play my jam on air,
I gotta pay like half a thirty
If the hustle aint clean, then the money gon be dirty
Sixty six battles like king David,
I aint loosing one
Sucker for em women but im wise like king Solomon
Ninety nine probs, solving one
I'm talking doughs issues
Shit made me make use of those tisssues

I wore my coat through my arm
white eagle style I'm fly
Before the letter Z, i got these niggas wondering why
Imma stand up nigga, i got two feets,
ten toes
Shout out to my niggas tryna sell weed to make doughs!!!
I'm ablaze like the furnace,
Imma spit into the beats, my lines made of menace
Bust into your brains, psychological trauma
Make you feel the pain of my fangs,
Imma Dracula
Bit through your jugular veins,
Suck your blood to the last drop
Nigga f*ck your squard to the last thug

Without wings,
Man, I'm flying on a high level
Spent alotta cash, we be sitting on a high table
wirling with my dawgs, we assemble on a round circle
Tryna calm my state of mind,
But my nerves aint stable
Nigga from the click click to the clack clack
You know I'm talkin bout kpom kpom
Boom zagatta
Killed alotta rappers in the game,
No massacre
Took the rap game from cali to Madagascar
My producer cook beats, no recipe
He knows I'm flowing longer than the river


Pondi jam
Came into music and made all these rappers to cover their faces like Lagbaja
I look em straight in the eyes
Cause they know that I'm bigger,
I'm bigger like agbada
I let the money to talk, man
That is the figure of speech
Some said that my fame was too fast,
Oh yeah its amazing to me
(oh lord!!!)
Their music was comedy,
Got me laughing when I was listening
(oh yeah)
They dont know what we doing here
(Dont know!!!)
Blow, blow blowing money like its kpoli here
Now the shows are coming like we having sex
Just a twenty thousand for a teddy bear
I get these rappers scared, no blouse
I get em high with no blao

Air it out, air it out
I just wanna air it out, ehhhhn
Air it out, air it out
I just wanna air it out, air it out
From jebs up to Iman, down to Main avenue
When the play my old track i feel like damn
Forever new
Some piece of shit got me indoors like i got a curfew
I be inthe kitchen cooking cracks,
Molly in the menue
You know I'm where the money at,
I always hit the venue
Niggas planning shits against me,
They thought i never knew
If money talks, my bank accounts my mouthpiece
I dont talk much when i redraw,
I let my wallet speak
My life is deep, so digged deeper than you dugged
I just hope I'll live long, even longer than your dick, dawg
I'm bout to blow like the breeze at the bar beach
I dey chill with cool drinks, getting freezed with a bad bitch
My name is just a noun, so pronoun(ce) and modify
I'm raised to power ten times, you can multiply
Yeah, nigga, you could be the best selling
I just got few lovers, i dont care if the rest hating
The hill top is where I'm heading to
Even my mama told me, O'naz , let no one belittle you