Our father
Who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth
As it is in heaven
Give us our daily bread
In the morning will see your faithfulness
Ogenedoh, Ogenedoh
In the noontime I see your faithfulness
Ogenedoh, Ogenedoh
In the evening I see your mighty hands
Ogenedoh, ogenedoh (All) Ogenedoh
Oh Ogenedoh x3
Oh ye
Faithful God, Faithful King
Mighty one, Ezeligwe
Glorious God, Beautiful King
Ancient of days Ezeligwe

From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
Ogenedoh, Ogenedoh
You brought me out of miry clay
To give my life a meaning
Ogenedoh Ogenedoh
No one to compare with you
I am that I am
Ogenedoh, Ogenedoh, Ogenedoh

Edo people call you Osenobuwa
Yoruba people call you Olorun
Igbo people call you Chineke
What a mighty God
Calabar people call you Abasi
Hausa people call you Allah
Uroboh people call you Ogene
What a might God
Yoruba say Ese
Hausa say Nagode
Igbo say Daluo
Glorious mighty God
Calabar say sonsono
Edo say Obulu
And we all say together thank you
Glorious mighty God
We serve what a mighty God x3
What a might God

Glorious God, beautiful King
Ancient of days, Ezeligwe