Ekse Aweh! (Vacay)

[Intro - Petite Noir]
Love life
Easy does it
Here goes, alright. Ay

[Verse 1 - Okmalumkoolkat]
Ekse Aweh
I been grinding ng'yenza u-cash
Yaz' ng'hamba no Mangethe
Phuma ngena, Phuma ngena
Yah ooh!
Spova Gang on the map
Usain Bolt running laps
Need a break and relax
Yah Aweh!
Spova Gang ine sauce
Bano mona bazo bhosha
Overload in a Golf
Yah ooh
Primastove sizomosha
Spova Gang fucken awesome
Sazok'shaya nge lentoza
GTI ine aux
Speakers booming of course
Masheleni I toss
Nje ngo Tira nje ngo Sox
Durban's Finest hawe ma
Mlazi Milano hawe ma
Awuy'shiye nom' u-one
Bamb' i-tray, 24
Bamb' inyama, bamb' i-bite
Sazok' tjenis' imihlolo
Into yok'thenga ihlale ikhona
[?] Jomo Sono
I'm the one that put you on
Cava i-combo shay' istombe
Shay' istombe mina ng'shaye i-call
Mlazi Milano yi-icon
My poetry on you i-Pod
High speed I'm a nitro
Got a dumb phone and a i-Phone
Mashonisa with a pay phone
Running shit like a Spaza shop
I-toolosi lami yi-laptop
Palm trees on my back drop
S'thombe sentwana on my desktop
Twitter top and I can't stop
Cash out from a taxi
Thand' imali nge passion
Shay' umswenko nge passion
Shout my students in the building
We gon' get it in a minute
Attitude across a building
I was scheming on a milli
Seen my momma in a minute
Up in Jozi handling business
How I wish I had a Benz-i
Could've drove in there and drove back
Had to rock another concert
Kill the show then we process
Grinding, grinding'til we bosses
Spova Gang be the topic
Spova Gang be the topic
We the topic of discussion
We the topic of discussion
'dala k'vuka amakasi
'dala k'vuka amakasi
UMilano uphum' eMlazi
Everybody call me cousin

[Chorus - Petite Noir & Reba Red]
All I really need is a vacation
They don't even know me 'cross the nation
[?] expectation
Up, up higher elevation (elevation)
That's all I'm asking for (That's all I'm asking for)
That's all I'm asking for

[Verse 2 - Okmalumkoolkat]
Pantsula they cava the action
Sidl' i-chicken, not at chicken licken yeah
Chicken resemble the s-finger lickin'
Sphithiphithi when we in the building
Eziny' izinja, eziny' izinja
Other dogs, other dogs
Hawe ma, hawe ma (Hawe maaaaaa)
Cava spova's on my feet
Boiz n Bucks a BnB
Spova Gang i-yeah, yeah
Sazoshava BnB
Swank, swank coz I upset
They all cav' when I enter
Chit chat with a ncaa doll
Zonke bonke they eyeball
Couldn't make it to the bar dawg
How I end up in swaak jol
All the ous wanna [?]
All I could smell was a kaak zol
So I take a fake phone call
Shay' i-corner when I exit
Uber Black in the backseat
Now we changing location
[?] location
Kaz' ithini i-location
Sithi shwii, sithi shwii
Sithi shwii, sithi shwii
Sithi s'phuma siye ka-P
Sonke s'landa imali eningi
Manje s'spenda imali eningi
Siye ka mjay, siye ka max
Shwii (hahaha)
Manje s'shaya i-Cinemax
Umsangano i-maniac
Sithi shwii, siye e-Shwini
OBM siye ka-Shembe
E-Lamont i-Tsalanang
Chesterville yistaimane
Avengers yimabulala

[Bridge - Reba Red & Okmalumkoolkat]
Ya, ya, ya
Ya, ya, yaaa
Ya, ya, yeah
Mlazi Milano
Sithu shwi la eBonela, sithi Mlazi
[?] sithi Blekezi one time