You Came

You came

Millions and billions
Of voices cry out in
anguish, begging for mercy
But you act as if you're are earless
And their cry fall on deaf ears

You are so harsh and merciless
And you don't care about our well being,
the children you leave homeless and uneducated

It you who came
and swept everything, both our future and families.
You have robbed us our lives.

Every country is fighting you but hey you're greedy and selfish.
All you care about is fame.
Which fame by the way? the one you get by torturing every innocent soul

It you who came
and changed everything Intentionally and purposely
You came as an uninvited guest into our lives and made your self quite comfortable
But hey, it's time you pack all your bags and leave for good

Written by
Nontobeko Priscilla Mndzebele