Hell in a cell ( Acapella )

Notorious Gee and I m flowin in like the river Nile
Using words that where never part of your vocabulary
I go jab jab and I throw a uppercut
Motherfuckers even afraid to get in the ring
They to scared cause my punch lines fuck a rapper up
I m cold as fuck, some call me stone cold
Cause my heart is more cold than the fake ice on your wrist
I'm not really mentally disturbed
I just got a intellectual capacity that's out of this world
On my way to being international and I mah come back better than before
Chasing my dreams in your nightmares during the dawn
My addiction to rap is bigger than your addiction to porn
Droppin strong bars makin rappers feel caged in a prison cell
I've been King since November 03
Back when I was only allowed to smoke 02
Now my lungs is all hyper ventilated like A/C
Motherfuckers knockin on the door of their death by tryna diss me
Welcome to hell in a cell motherfucker
No fake bars allowed
Don't even try to bite on these bars
Cause you goin to choke motherfucker
From the Mother City to the City of Gold
Real rappers never die
We multiply and we dominate