On her latest album, Rebirth, Nothende delves into soul, R&B, house, hip-hop and jazz, catering to diverse music tastes.

Speaking of her love of music, Nothende explains on her blog. "The most sincere, amazing music is created by the least popular musicians. They endure much to receive little. But in all they do, they give their all, always. They are not in a popularity contest. They are not out to prove their greatness. They know they are great. All they do is create to experience. And so they experience the best of themselves, because they give their best, always. They learn as they grow. They teach as they learn. They share their talent, their knowledge, their creation with other creaters, musicians, artists. When this happens, they experience a higher level of their heart."

...Fans of Afro-soul will be delighted to know that Nothende's album includes input from top soul muso Kabomo Vilakazi, who worked on the vocal production.

With Rebirth having been one of the top downloads on iTunes, it will fit in nicely with any soul and R&B enthusiast's music collection.


# Title Length
3 Brand New Day 4:09
5 I Have to Do 4:32
9 Remember Love 4:19