Missing you mama


Sometimes we got pretend to be happy while we in pain.
This world have nothing good but the visual lie
Let's talk, but first I wanna say this........
I Miss you mama


Mama you gave me life
I never understood how you really died.
I came from school running thought am gonna see ya smile
When daddy tells me bout your life, I just knew something wasn't really right.

That headache feels like the world is shaking.
Tears and shout be like the ThunderStorms has started.
For that moment I had no out..

You know, that closure was gone,
But I had that hope that I'll ever see ya again, I keep up gaining
As I was young, Many things been told was not for real
They used to gimme prank.
Though I took it as a prankish

Until I realize, day by day
When people coming cooking
And I came looking so sad, feeling so foolish.
What is that, for i couldn't take it for real just so bad.
And that's where I realized that mommy is gone.... Ooohhh no.

I started taking drugs as killer of my pain
Vain aloud, as my was future disappearing.
My Daddy showed light, before I could start be scary.
Yah Mary that's how you should've caring.

That's the moment where I started teaching myself how to dance.
Adopting old skool hip hop inas my culture, but still I never had any voucher.
My neighbors when they see's me , they be saying wassup ma niggar.

I be looking up with the smile... Saying yoo..
This is what i do ,and am really proud
For that time, I had no law
Low self-esteem is keepin me up broken.
I gotta be rocken, not been slowen
Not doing all the sh!t with Owen.
Yeah am going

Dope is not what I call a life
Mommy and daddy really taught me well
And I just wanna be the good kid, just be the one.

Wait, wait!!!!.. Wait!!....
My mommy used to teach me
Showed me, how to write my name.
I did it preeminentely, like I was upper on my grade. I was so great

She was so amazing, loving
With no hatred
But what I hated was her hidden smile
She never seek for pride,
You could've seen her,
how she respected all the people's right.
For real I had to give her rite.

She left her image on me and Lil dolla,
Forever we are
Mash dolla fam, Mommy I know you can hear me.
Forever you'll be my world.
Dad still got our backs, We gonna make him proud. Missing you mama

I know am not the one whose being in this situation alone
Many they can't keep up going
They just crawling..... Yeah you know it
Is putting you down ,
every second, minute, hour and day
Thinking bout the moment..
How it could've been bombing
Though this is life

Why has to be hard
For you niggaz, you mama when she say... You give her hah....
For real is not aright... You better give her something really that gonna keep her life
You know is not biting

You gotta keep it better for yourself to behave
Lately, before you start regretting.
Whatever you got, its all your luck
No all of us got it all fine
Just gotta keep neat profile

No wonder what they saying all, all bad
God is still in guard of our backs
Put it altogether light ways, that's your race

Friends aside until you reach ebenezer
Happy gonna come from fam not fela
You gonna eat tops not lefela
Because this is how it has to be phela
Love mama hard way hey forever