Ninety8-Meditation Lyrics

Verse 1:

I'm tryna meditate
I'm tryna give up myself
Really really is worth it?
Is it the fame or both?
Money money is the devil
I'm busy searching for him
I wanna make out my day
I wanna get all tha pay
Take out my girl to the shops
I know she talking Bout Gucci
Babe time really coming
I never wish that I lose it
Baby boy baby boy I'm really feeling the tender
I know we talking Amanda
Black, white like a panda
B.I.G typa dominance
Tupac for the governance
I know I'm more than before
Who am I doing it for?
Is it me or the fans?
Maybe should get a new Vans
Follow trend for a first
I know I lead it the most
They know I value my cost
Write a verse like a Ghost
I know bars than a warden
I never get outta shifts
We never lay on sheets
We busy making hits
Girls couldn't hala back then
Now they becoming a burden

Verse 2
Y'all are becoming a nuisance
I am happy got a new sense
Boy Redix on the beat
Swag boys I don't hang with
I want tha gangsta life
I want the uzzi here
She got the moods indeed
Told her my soul redeemed
She wanna hang with the rappers
she wanna blow out the best
I know for sure it's me
Y'all don't think about it
I know I rap for fame
And you have lost the game
Tick tock tick tock
Time is fvckin running out, aye
I done did many things, aye
She my friend just that, aye
She wanna give me the cake, aye
Everyday like a birthday
I really lost my self
I was so deep indeed
Had my brother on speed dial
Paranoia to a mere hi
This year I'm doing masses
Take note y'all Mrs
You go be chasing the boy soon
Tryna drink with a teaspoon
'17 was a vision
'18 is really happening
I'm talking hunnid Ks
Tryna load it like an AK
I wanna get 'em racks
Spend it all on my new bitch
Get a house in the city
Making change do you see me
I see my life indeed
I hate my fvckin dad
Why am I losing my self?
Why am I crying for them?
Told em I ain't wanna do it
My soul is a fortune
I'm tryna think about it
Get a J to revive it
Blood stains all on my shirt
Oh God do you see me?
I really hate myself
I'm ashamed of my own roots
I am really outta my shell
Oh my.. ring a loud bell
Why are they sleeping on me?
Why are they hating on me?
Oh damn, why are they hating on me