NDA (Remix)

NDA (Remix) (Prod. by RedixBeatz)


NHLAJO Single Releases


[Hook] (x2)
I did it just to flex
I did it just to flex
Niggas they were mad at me
Already told you I'm the next
I know you hate me I can see it in your eyes
Cause I'm burning mullah
I'm spending money, rands and nairas
Look at my money is flying
Thanks to my enemies for hating me

[Verse 1]
I'm a lover not a killer
Fana lemade it feel it
Look at the lines I drop as a kid
Fucking those like NHLAJO-BITCH
Look at my swag is so lit
Even your girl is taking a pic
In this rap I don't compete
In this rap I don't compete
Yeah, shut the fuck up I'm talking right now
Every nigga wanna bring me down
I don't care niggas fuck your town
Imma kill ya Imma diss ya
My mind is Illmatic, actually automatic
I can die any minute, I see ghosts everywhere
Cause I used to kill niggas
If you got funny face Imma kill ya like haters
You can't touch me now
You can't touch me now
RIP to fake friends, you can hate me now
Haters on my back let me shake em off
Let me shake em off
Cooking dope rhymes on my yellow stove

[Chorus] (x2)

[Verse 2: NHLAJO-B33]
Look at the shit that I do for the young ones
School boy don't mess with me,
You will sleep on the floor on the campus
Let me give a punchline
My mind is strong enough
Don't interrupt Imma take your life
These niggas, they think they better than me
Well think again, I'm better than myself
Tryna compete? Imma kill your mind,
And tell the cops is self-defense
And I will haunt you down
If I find you bitch, I'm gonna cut your toes and cook and give it to the dogs
Shout out to Nasty C
Can't believe I'm seventeen
In fact I'm like paraffin burning more
Even sometimes scared of me
Now I'm begging Jesus Christ,
"Let's forget about the past"
Now I'm changing topics like I'm changing diapers
Fuck fake friends and back stabbers
Imma turn Limpopo to Las Vegas
What I hear the most is fuckin' jealous
I got Cooler, Vukosi, Kurtish
Those are real niggas, they can die for me
Shout out to Nasty C

[Hook] (x2)