Nasie Nation

Nasie Nation x Kay Mad - Tshokolo [Hook]
Khale re sokola Re tsamaile sacrificing making plans Khale re sokola Re tsamaile sacrificing making plans Khale re sokola X4

[Verse 1 Nasie Nation]

All this time,all this year's ive been living a big lie man... I Never had guts to refuse not doing what I love. Paper chasing, forgetting why the man above brought me down here, Was Feeling incomplete untill I decided to follow my heart... The boldest move I ever did was going against folks, Just to get close to the mic' man it's deeper than fame and money, It's deep - that's why I drop lavas (I'm hot!) I'm start'na gaze, concentrating, accommodate Errthang great - plot on scales, I know my lane, Never lost sight of my destiny... Even after my brother Was shot dead Two bullets man Through his chest That shiit gets to me... I replaced all my friends with a bottle of liquor they see me not sober and think that they can judge... You don't know what I went through to be Who I am So please pay some fvxken respect on the name Nasie Nation...


[Verse 2 Kay Mad]

Dude I had to plan I had to switch em 'fore I show up Got a lotta problems so I roll up don't imagine They start' hatin' me when I was young & now I 'ont give a ish Since well you hate me boi I'm to talk & you to listen Boi we 'bout to fu**n' blow up And Yeah I got Madiba's code Nthwe ase light , Ke Lefifi Nekele ko Mshongo ka 3AM K'sa bone nex Eh Se'lla thata kamo kesa chumile Ake jepp'e zolo I am no type Mei M onshiyile 2013 And ain't sure 'bout the other one that they tellin' me that He my Pops, Oh please wait, Would it be so bad if I jump on my momma's words that she told me 'fore she died and breath 'em Fire on my speech I light souls And I confess like a stupid( Very humble like an idiot I been in this boy am born in this I was raised in this My speech from it And am still fv**n with my boy Nasie So I heard that I'm back, listen clearly boy, the boy is ready"Mid-finger" He's "Standing" as a "6"on me boy Kerr ke "on" , line Lena lenoba bayen' , life! Kesailo Le trapa tot we drop (whoo)