Nathan Mayor

Nathan Mayor, born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa (Originally of German descent) is quickly establishing himself as a reputable brand in the South African music industry. Nathan found his love for dance music when he began fusing and mixing various music styles. Shy and reserved by character Nathan has worked with some of South Africa’s greatest performance artists and DJs. He is a world-class performer, fully embodying the essence of a music pioneer.
His inspiration and versatility in dance music came from listening to dance icons such as Alex Kidd, Dennis Ferrer, Gregor Salto, the late Iggy Smallz, and Brett Jackson to name a few.

Nathan’s authentic, electronic, and original urban blend of musical composition and mixing give Nathan his unique identity.

A proud product of Soul Candi, Nathan has released two master piece singles which have both enjoyed time at the number one spot of various radio stations charts as well as featured on numerous compilations including the flagship Soul Candi Sessions and Euphonik’s DJ Essentials.

The start of 2014 saw Nathan join the 5FM team with a weekly mix allowing him to not only showcase his own sounds and tastes in music, but help elevate and give exposure fellow producers and South African dance music as a whole...