Run It

Tiga Maine Verse:
Run it like a marathon,
They said stop but we carried on.

Now they stop but we carried on,
Feelings when we passing by!

They slept on us,
Snoozed on us,
Slept again with no Lullaby.

From the bottom,
Below zero but all praise to the most high.

Still staying with the fam thou,
She steady buzzing at my front door.

I'm steady buzzing in the hood yo,
I'm the neighborhood hero!

They wait for me like Friday,
With ice cubes no deebo.

I come bearing gifts,
And I'm dabbing with the bottles.

Anything for the pesos,
Madiba's first like nine - 4. (9-4)

And the rest shall follow,
Keep it 25 x 4. (1 hunna)

Since I was a youngin,
Some like buzz light year.

Knew I’d put you in a Good Mood
2 Cool
Wit Them Edges n Ya Gold Hoops
Don’t Move
Less you Bouta Jump the Bones
Run that Booty on Through
See What We Gon Do
Stead of Tension
Rather Have her Saddled
Lil Cutie take the Battles
Got the War Handled
Had’em Rattled
How we Straddled up the Throne
In the Pleasures
Every Level
How the Moans Travel
Had it too Good
And You took Advantage
Still you Managed
Keep the Baggage
On the Low
Looking Lavish Wit Them Assets
Going Broke
Guess it’s On to the Next
Keep the Phone
Hold the Sadness
On some Grown
Had it
Haters often in They Madness
Wit they Woes
Slow ya Roll n get Control
Glad this
Little Whoa went on a Stroll
And got the Soul Bandaged