Do Or Die

Verse 1:
Listen to when I preach, living life to the higher bar//Serving a sentence, under oath for a murder crime//Assasinate the mind, kumbaya to the inner thought//El Pacino could act, Nemi living a bigger lie//Im mighty fine, ruling irrelevance a better rhyme//Getting to have a drug cause a line couldn't change a life//I make a life//I made out alive, the feeling dead, now who resurrect the healing inside my intellect//

Who Am I im the prodigy
Im the honesty of all these atrocities
Pulling rank, like I conquer the grammy fee, I pay the price
Ill never be the king of the rapping scene, Am African

Who Am I(Who Am I X2)
Im revealing im the price(Yea)
Its do or die(Do or Die X2
Im the reason niggas doubt this X2

Im the gift, And you the wrapper. X2

Verse 2:
Was a feeling conceding to a death, I lose a breath till Im feeling immortal to the death, im ruling earth//Curse the worst, im dealing an urge, birth a verse, burst the hearse im killing in vain//I blow up,
I think im tired of the grammy winner// cause yall where born with em godly figures//Im a demise to be black nigga//I coexist with the heat nigga// I paid the price to be african, A rapping sin/sick of it, Gambling rapping with the dinner shit//Its either the main course, im starting to trap a meal//a spoon on a plate, now it could be desiigner shit//Put a tomb in the bars, resurrecting incarceration//25 to life, Nemi degrading the damnation//Who ever thought the Goat diagnosed a rap patient//Cold bars, sick flow, contagious in thought blaming God, rap from the land, if you listened then you be merely gone//universe be black, a land in which a shooting star, opt to be shinning like black soul an image caught//Hold on, you have an ego from the alter, you aint marry the bar//Divorce rap, cause you clearly mumbling your vows//Ill speak, cause I aint never gonna hold no peace//Im done, now you gonna wanna repeat//Who Am I, Ill speak, cause I aint never gonna hold no peace//Im done, now you gonna wanna repeat