Hook (Przy O'SIX)
Making me cheese, said she want no thug thug
Making me cheese, she wanna protect me
Making me cheese, careful of who you roll with
Making me cheese, mama love her deep
I stay indoors, I got no time
Of running around the streets, my mama they said bad woah
I got the beats now, I got my squad squad squad
I put my lyrics to the beat and tell a story

Verse 1 (Przy O'SIX)
I done seen the niggas die, changing colors like a dye
Can you imagine all the pain, your mother looking at you fade
That's the shit we dealing with, niggas think really cool
Getting faded all the time, I don't wanna join you dawgs
I don't really wanna join you
Don't like a feeling of being of faded
Rough on the streets die in a minute
Got no role models but the thugs
Represent a number then you safe
I'm not with that, boi 'am cool
Don't wanna look over my shoulder
When I roam the streets

Verse 2(BirdCousin)
Mam' ung'thengela macheeeze
Maseng'phuma namajita ngiphinde ngithathe nama chips
She just always keep me clean, akafuni ngiphume endlini
So my niggas pull up at my crub and play, the play station
It's just all a crazy shit
I don't even bath my body she bought me bathing machine
I don't see a sin when I always sip, hundred bucks for me just to get some drinks
She got love for me, she take care for me
Like chicken for chicks, ng'zizwa ngenay'nkinga
Nkos' ing'busisile nje ngyokhohlwa ngifile so as'phinde sphile sibe nesihle
Ngzobiz' uMphile sisilay