Don't Do It Freestyle

Yo,Mr Drop am the flying dove you know.yo(yo),keep on telling those shits nigga(those shits nigga)
[Mr Drop]
Yeah,am always in studio tryna blow up something,my shoes on pause i got nothing.I got small fuck from my little homies,mom told me I ain't doing good my families pockets show up nothing while am spending my money to bitches,having my dick long,long inches aah.adjecting niggers they tryna to get on my gen.i ain't fuck such yank my dick on pause(pause),having pussy's on mouth smelling am fucking hard. niggers on pause am saving ma' name am saving the shits they put it back they put it front,acclimatize my flowz they push me back push me front. whoz best suffered alot I fuck with cokhu,crop my hess we need to talk I holla up my bae she dare alot i pick the diamonds investing in the city, who is the richest in city,who is the ribbon in city i made those money reflecting ma' ***** am working eeeh It's iris yeah,yeah i got cocaine in it(in it) making money full with Kenny,i ain't give a fuck on keg i was cool in school chatting with friends I ain't give a look on girls I was busy with school, they were suppose to date me if I showed them those attention.i was busy with something my future,the music.abandoning music It's more like hell,i spent most of my times writing the bars,aah a' saw the future in music ma-fuckers they tryna to bring me down from it sure? this is the truth am sure,they will faint i was born with bars haters tried to diss me I ain't give a dem me and them levels aaah repel,hardest in city,coolest in state,global am and hater's we intergrade they check ma'dollaz check ma'money they bowl down. yeah aah I got my powers am looking over swim a' put something am stronger i ain't give ma'body those contents.checking me further I ain't have time to chill nop working hard everyday me'ma mama we wanna have a way.i ain't give a fuck on girls those are demons sex is dirty.I don't deserve it yeah,yeah am i was born a monk(bad) i don't give any care,born such special in system, me'ma daddy we met in system(that'it) rappers,rappers fuck off your system's(wow wow wow) back to my dreams toys on ma'table who got source i ice hold my paper, what a fuck it made those guys to betray Jesus,aah the son of God Jesus aah. (think of it bro)stupid pastors came from the devil, what a shit they wanna have those money.a' fallen in love once a' don't give any shit twice,moving fast ma'toys having such it fine what's a rumor? speak it out.yeah everyday I bate with her am crazy i don't know what am talking about.maybe It's Tisha bae,maybe It's Troy Lee bro yeah am moving fast with it tool's down bro I care for it yeah