Black Diamond

You been out in the rain bloody soaked in your pain steady hoping you paid
I was a baby born in your age in homes were wages were paid & pretty ladies were made
Oppressed amazingly elevated you stayed
Everyday cops would raid & bullets would spray
History made 94 finally paved, birth of black diamonds proudly came
To soundly shame and work your way, to be in the fastest paid middle class today
To live out your way no matter what they say
It's about wat u drive &were u stay

Safa Sapela isizwe se mnyama
Spending ur money on cohebas and fast cars

You back from exile been an alien like da x files, you cut from different cloth & textile
You want da sandton city life in a hummer & X5, competing wit ur neighbor about da best ride
Moving out da township fort he next life, you got a student & a nice wife to satisfy your sex life
U like settling the drinking bill for the next guy, to prove you can afford u da best guy
Got spending power call the bank any hour, got 8 cars & moving up to a bigger tower
Balling forgetting tomorrow rain could shower, couldn't be bothered you living for da hour


Pass the moet x2
You balling hard switching cars switching brods
Your credit card paying other credit cards
Boy,no investment: but u paying hard, the sheriff guard came to get all the cars in your yard
In that regard your debt is high as the stars, life is hard ur wife packin her bags & left u scared
U try 2 figure out wat happened in a lonely bar
Your tender money over, da bullet is only way par