Here We Stand

It’s a message to my fans who
Who been there since
Day one for that I thank you
For the friend that you’ve been
What a call Motswalle sechabeng
Ke kopa ho botsa, do really wanna know

[Khuli Chana]
I keep hope alive
Coz if I don’t I would die inside it’s 2005
I still thank you for kwaai
Mad hype but we still unsigned, I know you wanna know why
Stuck with it in it for the long ride
Pump lerole now I’m sick of promises and lies
Tribulations and trials
My family my fans give me reason to cry
(Somebody tell me why)

It’s so important to me
It’s actually like the North West Province to me
How we all should be, screaming Morafe for me
It’s just the best things in life are free
And it keeps me in touch with my love for you
I know you heard it pouring out on Gaz’Lam II
That’s how I keep it with you, forever true
Whether dark or blue
Maf’ra waowao ke ya o chaela s’true

Here we stand…
You look so beautiful from up here on stage
Reaching out to each other
La la la la la la la… hey
If you really wanna know…

Why re repa monate so
Is because re ringa so everyday like qho
And then the music, wena the gift you were given ke go ifila
S’ka ba ifihla sure, we won’t abuse it
We know better than to bite the hand that feed us
Ha se hore le baya skelem you don’t really need us
E tswa mo pelong so we thank the lord Jesus
Papa go peace
(Somebody tell me why)

[Khuli Chana]
Why tshokolo e kana?
Ga go pala mama told me to try harder why mama?
Why le-timer has no faith in me
Rest in peace Yessi thank you for raising me
My monkey bread to a king, morule khulani bling
Like pala monwana never ke go tlogele phutlame
Jy monie worry coz I got you covered
Signing off Khuli Chana kob’ ya sechaba
Come on…


Do your thing, do this thing now
I have been through it all
From the spring summer and the fall
Suddenly I can see what it all happen to be
From fantasy to reality
Let me see your 7’s in the air
So here stand…

[Chorus x4]