Eish, ke kopa go phusha die-ding jwale
Eish, focus

Kgale ke sa bale, kgale ke sa kwale
Then I’m wondering why ke pallwa ke go phusha spane
Kgale ke sa zame, feed Lord I’m hungry
Fuck a record deal give me 100 geez and watch me
Is this fate, 100 haters all around me
Blue collar job nigga earn a little money
Just enough to buy candy for my girl Barney
I hate been broke one item in the trolley
Maybe, ke gagabele back to Morafe
Back to get my job back e mpaletse p’lasi
I tried on the farm my fortune I could never find
I’m a fine farmer but the good dream I could never time
A re I’m suffering from low self esteem
Hardly half the man I am when I use to play for a team
Now I’m crouching in the corner I’m preaching self pity
Ke ikutlwela bohloko while I’m smoking this weed

Kante, Ramasedi o na mpona
Gantse ke tsamaya ke goboga ke igoga
Balakaletsi bantse ba nkgotla
A re o itshoke soon dilo di tla popa
Just kneel and pray
Kante, Ramasedi o na mpona
Gantse ke tsamaya ke goboga ke igoga
Balakaletsi ba ntse ba mfela
A re seka inela, soon struggle se tla duela
Just kneel and pray

Botshelo bo ntikile ka mekgwa e me intsi
Bo exploit-a insecurity yame
Ke gopola the Sheriff of the court right in front of our house
The fool a rekisa ntlo yako gaye
Ke gopola the shame on my family explaining to friends
Trying to keep my head high but the pain too intense
Monna a itshokile dikeledi O’lady a re o sa lla
Ithute from this lessons botshelo bo sa go palla
Iyo banna ruri botshelo ke sera
Round about the same year my boy checked into rehab
His fam mad scared from the prophesies he said
Me, mad scared coz I’ll never hear him rap again
Nou re godile he is a father and a king
I’m the farmer with a dream, we the black dream team
I left the game a few years became a pilgrim
Came back on the YBA fucking the system
Coz I know…


Dipotso dintsi di hlokile karabo fela
Peba you my homie I won’t loose my love for you
I’m a street cat I lay my head on any avenue
I’m a hustler man I make my money biki biki solo
Many many days came and go by without change
Ke gopola Rre Mogolo
Yeah you were a gentleman a state lefika
Keep trying to fit in your shoes but they too bigger
Keep dropping out of school still hitting on liquor
But she don’t mind she knows I’m hot paparika
I am, soon I’ll be the homie with the crocodile smile
Make no mistake I’ll do whatever even if it is crime
Much love to everbody who be loving me
Many back now, I think it’s time I thank you properly
Bless you black man ke ya le leboga
Coz of you ke nna yo gape ke ya tsoga
Coz ke ya itsi…