Trust Nobody (Free Flow)

It's Mike Lu
what it do son?
to those who been betrayed
this the trust nobody,
yeah! They been try'na
let me down but
still I'm going high.
It's Mike Lu, I'll be thanking
Jesus for this one.
Yeah! Let's go

You've been playing
all the crooks and couldn't
see it on your eyelid.
Have a look around,
all the people never mind it.
But me, I'm just proud
of that you didn't even
hide it.
Telling you've been cruising
like 'we'd never even try it'
selling all you got but ain't
nobody gonna buy it.
Let me tell the truth,
I'm never willing to
connect you.
On the other side I'm sending
angels to protect you.
If you've crossed the line
I'd have to deal with hasitation.
If you're in the room,
that's your final destination.
Retirement is yours,
you're the one who's gonna do it.
Made it right above,
I'm acting like I never knew it.
Currently rebult,
I'm the one who's gonna view it.

shout out to the people
who been ever giving love
it you trusing many people
in the end you loose your love.
Everything you think you had
could just be hanging
right above.
Trusting people
'cause you love them,
now you're stuck into your
'til you see no going out,
so you end up loosing blood.
But you think you had
the juice,
nah! Your days are getting dark.
I ain't talking no estate,
outt'a walking on a cloud.
I felt you when you had it
now I'm try'na live it up.

[Verse: 2]
It's just a little bit of what
could happen to your hollow.
I'm falling back again
I know it's better luck tomorrow.
Couldn't stand the pain
and I couldn't stand the sorrow.
What am I gonna do about it?
If I had to rescue.
It's just a matter of fact,
that I wish I never met you.
So please return the favor
later when you come over.
You'll never reach the end
as you would end up on my
Saying what it does?
You know I'd bring you
Maybe we ain't done but we
faded out the question.
It's Been a little time,
that was when I started acting.
Suddenly I'm high,
as I'd be telling you I made it.
The game is also mine,
and I ain't never gonna change it.
Like Sorry my dear,
you're the one who's gonna
fine him.
Second time around
and that was when I started
Shooting me abroad,
infront of everybody's running.
I never dodged the bullet,
so it hit me when I'm flying.

I'm looking to the people,
who been try'na let me down.
I'd be standing at the top,
you know, my life had just begun.
This is more than I can take
but I am gonna get it done.
I'd be standing at the top,
you know I'm try'na live it up.

[Verse: 3]
barely trapped on the corner,
I'm the country's bad rapper.
They forgot about Lu,
still they'd never say never.
H*es will be h*es,
they will never get better.
Standing at the top,
and now it's time to take it further.
Killing with my flow,
they'd be calling it a murder.
Son, you ain't hood,
you just sleepless in the settle.
Just a matter of fact,
you won't find me in a battle.
Understand the grind,
I'mma take it lil' easy.
I got that crazy weapon,
I'd be claiming that I'm busy.
Hit you on the head,
I bet you calling it a bingo.
You could think of that there
ain't no such thing as a hero.
Mike Lu ain't gotta sleep,
try'na expand the territory.
Later on tonight,
I'd tell her bed time stories.
When I does that
she'd be feeling so sorry.
Cuz My lines are like a hearse,
home is where
they gonna take you.
when you get there,
they ain't never gonna rate you.
I am what I am showing
nothing but a seven.
Saying Amen! As when
I'm looking up on heaven.
Beauty and the beast,
you can never be my peer.
And damn! I messed up,
I would never stand in fear.
You just had the pit
of bringing future to the present.
You're getting pissed up
at the end of each sentence.
I run and run and run,
and that's until I reach the
peak point.
Really ain't myself and I ain't
tripping on no beatbox.
M.I.K.E still ain't yellin' like a
beef boy.
Rocking paper scissors,
I ain't talking intersection.
You're dying with the breed
I can never put a death stop.
Running through their minds
all the time and now I can't stop.
Screaming out my name,
all 'em n*ggas say I'm red hot.
Spitting out the bullets,
all you n*ggas 'bout to get shot.
I'm done! Haha!