Trap Money Jumping

alsO_Onli money trap good, let em know
wow, wow look at this we let the money come in,
Pockets hella fulla bands, pow pow
watch now alsO_Onli owns this lane
we only can get better now, you bitter why,
am better how.
You haven’t moved you mamas house even now,
Trap money coming in,
Trap house jumping like you goons are a Goddamn Shame.
Pharaoh whipping hundred band,
Money gram got em going crazy.
Why you think we don’t hang with lames. No ways
Now you wana know how we do it bra. Asking questions like a fat jack.
We get it how we live it spend it till its fucking finish.
Wakeup catch it, stack it, till we get some more.
And we do that all week, trap money coming in,
trap house jumping like you goons are a Goddamn sham
Prove em tell em what, bitches ant for non,
Fennes on the dick, now she loving the men’s she loving bands.