klAs flip (showtime)

MeamGoku – Play Rough

[Verse 1 - MeamGoku_WMGH]

See situation is vividly like this
Shout to klAs the Hex for putting like this

So next time I put in work follows a hundred madiba atleast
Sure it took some time, but am glad I rhyme tight hey
My voice evenly fits, fakes had me misfit
Like nah I don’t fit

Now am all in the mix
Watch me move so quick, went and had me do this dance thing
Went quick, tripped guess I must have slip

See am all in this, and am sure now
We own it, it’s on us

[Verse 2 - MeamGoku_WMGH]

Look came with the squad I didn’t have none
Claim to be the better man, so I killed it

Took my time, course am as trill as is
Kills on me lilt, homie give me the hit list

Am up to be that’s driller nigga
Leaning on this Jesus

Fakes with their lying ass, why you think I move fast
Where they money at

Pull-up at the spot, hustle quick and grind fast
Pull-up on you nigga’s, Came all the way from Swazi-land
And am not talking Swazi-boy

Am all up high grade
Found myself trippy in my cray room
With some crazy goons called them looney toones

No cartoons
At the top nigga, that’s our spot nigga
Watch us pop nigga, we some hot niggas
Where your spot nigga, that’s my spot nigga, at the top nigga

[Verse 3 - Stedrivehatesyo]

Am turnt on it, we turnt up
Am burnt out

At the top we ant got no competition
Hunan racks call me racist
Diba had to earn this races

They can’t catch me on my races
Am fast on the track with my trap shoe

He flip it, I trap it
If you ask about my team we beam you to the dream land

If you talk about my life
You must be on the board land

We on it like am Steve drive on the way