Mcy Ghost

McDon Vladmire Woodburn (born July 13, 1998), [1] known professionally as Mcy Ghost, is a Zimbabwean rapper and songwriter. Raised in Glen View, he embarked on his music career as a hardcore rapper, and later formed a record label, Lil Moniez Entertainment. In 2015, Mcy released his first song titled “Love is game” then met with Rocker Vybz (a young multi-talented producer and graphic designer) to work together as his producer and public relations. In December 2016, after graduating from a college in Newtown, Mcy worked on his second single “I Won” and made a freestyle “Racing Blessings” with a (Zimbabwean) South Africa-based producer GT Beats. Mcy’s EP (first extended play), The Story, was released in July 2017 under Lion’s Roar Music and Lil Moniez Records. The EP, preceded by the single "Nigga Trap" Produced by Mega Zone, debuted at number one on the MRV Online Radio Station.

In December 2017, Mcy shot his first music video, under Lil Moniez Records in conjunction with CMTV. Mcy collaborated with quiet a number of underground hip hop and dancehall artist (Dj Mugo, Capital C and GC) amongst the others.



The Story EP