Outro (Prod. by Nine09)


Time Jump [EP] (2017)

[Verse 1]
She aint no Jimmy Fallon, you showing up
She will crack you up
Gucci on the boots, she in love with the Jimmy Choos
Gold digger typo chick, juggling balls is all she know
She is no stereotype cause when we done she aint calling back
She the typo broad when she leave she aint coming back
Im the typo dude when you bitchin, I aint callin back
She is the typo savage when she taming you, you dont want to leave
Gotta stay and watch and hope she never leaves

I hope you never leave

[Verse 2]
She aint gotta settle down
She is too flair for any niggas shine
Always on the bright side, guess her beauty never fades
Beauty and beast ; she will be tamin all the savage niggas
Beauty got a beast, and Im her savage nigga
And I aint even 21
I'll be on my grind, I'll be on my grind
She be on my hustle too
Till every night I perform to
She will be down for a nigga
Im talkin ride for a hitta
Take a hit for a nigga
All these shots for a nigga
Loyal to a nigga if he loyal to his bitches
Always put her first, she'll be number 1
With no other one!
The loyal one, like no other one
Your pictures on my phone always flooding up my instagram
Always told the truth
You will make it with a couple grammys
Always played her role
Got to play mine to the finish line
I aint got no hook, but I catch her like a fishing line
Nemo Nemo Nemo impertions turn to perfect ways
Always keep it deep, never tell her of my darker days
Always keep it real, let her know that she a shinning star
Shinning in the milky way
Far above my galaxy
Attracted to the light, now Im tryna get my reach on
Had to put my steez on, call that swag my spacesuit
Had to try and time travel, I call that tape my timejump