DG [interlude]

TimeJump [EP]

DG [interlude] (Prod. by Nine09)


Time Jump [EP] (2017)

[verse ]
See dat girl whenever I go in my Zone...
When I ball so hard its her Face in the dream
When You new when you hustle dey always
goin hate
Till u gain a lotta hustle dey always goin hate

DreamGirl worry about my DreamGirl
DreamGirl u talk a lotta Dream girl..
WhiteGirls smoke a lotta whiteGirls
DreamGirl worry about my DreamGirl

0ooh girl dey goin worry about you
I dont know mahn Im stuntin on my ex girl
With my DreamGirl stuntin on a RollsRoyce
I dont know mahn Im flexin on my b!tch ×2

Had to put her in my zone for some new Js
Had to put her in my level for an iPhone
Now she takin pictures on mirrors wth dat
When I get Home dats whn I get to doubleTap
>>> See dat bitch on Instagram she tryna
Post ur Pics!!
>>Post ur Pics Up nd Imma doubleTap
Hit it Twice you Tap it Twice its stll the same
you doubleTap
Hit it Twice You tap it twice its the same you

>>>>>>She ridin wth the Guptas
Tellin me she dont wnt no good guys
YoungSavage she turning so Ruthless
GoodGirl now turning to a BadGirl
BadGirl now got alotta BadHair
BadHair now gotta a lotta a BadLooks
Guptas are givin her TrustFundz
That money now givin her GoodLooks>>
Put her in a foreign
Dat girl dont want no uber..
PowerSteerin she rides it lyk a taxi
FreeRides I aint gotta pay though..
For my sake bt I gotta tip though..
EveryRide she gets a lotta tips though..
SnapChatHo she post a lotta pics though..
Pour up she gettin so thirsty
This bitches are thirsty!! godDamn!.

DreamGirl worry abt my DreamGir[till fades]