Time Jump [EP]

#Ni99aOnTheComeUp First Project
TimeJumpEP encloses 9tracks that showcase different sounds, yet maintaing the essence of HipHop/Trap.

The First Track "No Limit" is a statement of shooting far beyond the sky. There is no place that is out of reach, as long as hardwork, perseverence and passion fuel the journey.

The Second Track "Bagel" adds a different element to the Project and encodes an unforseen type of TrapMusic.

"Hater Shots" takes a reel into unveiling truth about being shown No Love, the emotions involved and how it came about.

A feeling of Love turning into distrust is subtendedly packed inside the fourth track "DG [Interlude]".

The fifth track "Aint No Way" is really ear-setting as the low-beat allows the vocals to be fully picked up giving the listener an ear of experienced truth and advice.

"Oh My" comes-in to set a sense of TrapSoul/RnB with the piano keys in the beat giving a calm, rhythmic sound that appeals to the ear when the vocals, with a true message have been added

The seventh track "GetLucky/Flowin"
encases two storylines; the first being of gold digging and manipulation by vicious opportunuty takers. The second being an expression about the music industry.

Eighth Track "Uber Money" sets-in as money goals, for we know that talent should be nurtured at a rightful amount to encourage and promote it at the same time.

"Outro" the last track wraps it up.Its based on the love from a supportive friend that stuck through thick and thin.It comes as nothing but a symbol of sheer gratitude and complete appriciation.


# Title Length
1 No Limits 3:41
2 No Care 3:55
3 DG [interlude] 2:20
4 Aint No Way 2:09
5 Uber Money 3:00
6 Outro 2:57