Bring the heat up..
Raising the Bar like a Workout>>
Lets go>>lets go>>lets go

[Verse 1]
Shout out to my ni99as every ni99a!
Shout out to the squad every soldier!
Hood niggas u street fighters >>
Kill em all like jet fighters
Survival of the strongest yea u born
Life is a BattleField and Rap is a War Zone.!!
You still here!!
Conquerers!! Survivers!!
This for my ni99as frm the SouthSide..
This for the homies in a struggle..
Click!! Click!! load it up we war ready!!
Armed up! Been prepared we more Ready!
As I said we all Ready!!
For the fight.. a chance to be heard
A chance at the fame>>A shot in the clip..
With my Radio station playin the same sh!t
Same sh!t different days..
You know how it goes..If dey aint lackin skill
den dey got no basics!!
Creativity!! Ambition!! Dedication!!
This is wht u get CopyCats , Wannabes ,
bunch of liars...
As dey claim all of them run the game..
This fake leaders ruin the game...
Got the fame ? stand in line
Got the skill ? Join the line
Ambition!! stand in line..
Human train we unstoppable..
Brotherhood unbreakable..
RhymeSlayer untouchable...
Bringing all this cats to school restart the
verse nd take ur notes..
Just make sure u paraPhrase..
A punchline is killerPhrase..
Endless shows a peanut pay..
Ni99a we the hunted Prey..
Guess its time to flip the scales..
Ni99a its time to free the bird..
Earlybirds get paid >> Caged birds stay
All birds were meant to fly..If u grounded u
a JailBird!!

[ Hook ]
Workout ..Workout..Workout..Workout

[Verse 2 ]
Bring the beat up ! Up in the stu Im cookin
Take it from the best MasterChef..
Take it from the Gs We the Best
My nigga we bext the top..??
Loving the view ??
Bring ur hate I serve my Heat..
Take it from the 6 ..Rollin wth the 9
We murder the Beat..ni99a u next..
Door is open for the Feeble..
Im nuclear Ill Blow up.. wanna turn up?
Bettr Pour up.. wanna battle bettr grow up..
mahn up.. at ur funeral Ill show up..if u
smart bettr wise up.. stand up nd make
Its happy times for the rest..mahn overseas
its so great...
Where is the love? I mean for real whr the
Everybody movin with Fashion..
They forget without support there is no
Our industry is at the back of the line..
Im tryna pace up jst to catch up..
Im tryna mahn up jst to move up..
Got to pay up before a sign up..
Oh god its payin before the blessings..
The rap life has no blessers..
And the devil is only good to his workers..
Got to chin up nd go hustle..
Tryna flex up show sme muscle..
Feel the rhythmn wth the biceps..
Theyll be flipin skinny nigga wth the talent..
This is art..!! Love the the skill ?
Buy the talent Buy the Music
EveryRapper deserves a plartform just to
showcase ..give bck a cosine nd more than
jst two cents