No Preacher


Man, God is good!

[Verse 1: MC Zappa]

Let’s talk about a scam of Biblical proportions
Criminal extortions causin’ spiritual abortions

We gettin’ fed some dangerous dreams
Huh, but yo, everything ain’t what it seems

Religion and slavery; two peas in a pod
It’s easy to mod minds; just give ‘em Jesus and God

And tell ‘em that slavery was just a part of the plan
‘Cuz after all, God is much smarter than man

Teach ‘em to be devout, religious; forget about the spirits
Only listen when the deacon is speakin’

Don’t ever think to blame the slave master
The same bastard that enslaved you gave you this

Internalizin’ every chapter and verse
But accordin’ to Book Of Mormon, bein’ black is a curse

But I’m not surprised, ‘cuz the Portuguese
In the name of God, snatched us across the seas

Four centuries later, they tell us it’s all good
But they still teachin’ my people falsehoods

(I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy…)
But ain’t no preacher comin’ to save me

No, no, no…preacher!
No, no, no…preacher!

I don't care about your religion, your race, your whatever the f*ck! Your Christianity, your Muslim-ism; I only worry about how you treat me as a human being. That's it!

[Verse 2: MC Zappa]

Hot damn; I'm not a fan of the propaganda
Counterfeited religions got us proud of division

Yo, and some got it twisted like a yoga stretch
They heard part of the story, but they don't know the rest

Like why King James' name is on the Bible
This shit wasn't intended for our survival

Scripture whipped ya, but where did we get it from?
I think it's time we dance to a different drum

It isn't fun; matter of fact it's quite odd
That you expect black people to pray to a white God

Who gave the Canaanite the right to smite
And cast the Nubian people away from the light

I chose to walk 256 paths
The Most High is my God, and he kicks ass

Quick fast to blast myths and spit facts
Ever since Genesis, ignorance was my nemesis


No, no, no…preacher!
No, no, no…preacher!

[Verse 3: MC Zappa]

So help me God; the topic is critical
After 400 years, we’ve forgotten the spiritual

And can’t reconnect ‘cuz the preacher kept us back
The Vatican don’t give a f*ck about a African!

Most of what we’ve been taught is apocryphal
Yo, in other words, it’s a lotta bull

Remarkable how many people will die believin’ the lies
They easy to manage wit’ a strategic advantage

Real knowledge camouflaged and hidden
God-forbidden; like Nas, was written

In code, for a chosen few in the dusty books
And you still wonder why I don’t trust these crooks

False prophets are profitin’ from teachin’ the godly fraud
Empty rhetoric; pastors and pimps be sellin’ it

Some say that I’m crazy and radical
For all I care, they can go take a sabbatical

Supposedly, to reach God, there’s only one way
That’s to go to church; prayer every Sunday

But I was born divine wit’ an immortal mind
If I look inside myself, God I’m sure to find

Of course God is in accessible reach
But neither the preacher nor the professor will teach

Only significant portions of twists and distortions
Knowledge of self comes when you follow yourself; no preacher


No, no, no…preacher!
No, no, no…preacher!


(scratched) No preacher (x7)