33 (Interlude)

[Verse 1: MC Zappa]

Tell me why you're monitorin' my actions
Is this just for sovereign satisfaction?
I feel observed and disturbed like a lab rat
True peace of mind? I never had that
You obliteratin' my right to privacy
And it's an even bigger slight to lie to me
I ain't your slave, so you can leave me the hell alone
Quit chippin' and stop tappin' my telephone
Congress stomped us, and Bush just pushed us
So-called security; these crooks have hooked us
Readin' my bank statements and my text messages?
There ain't no tellin' when the next menace is
Am I really the one that needs to be watched close?
How 'bout the minds behind Guantanamo?
We need to repeal the Patriot Act; this ain't where it's at
It's far less safe to be black
This ain't for my security; that's a surety
Civil forfeiture means the jury eats
They can raid at any time; fuck the Fourth Amendment
This is the world they stuck on your descendants
Blatant disregard for the Constitution
Lyrically hittin' hard, is my solution
And those who say "nothin' to hide" can go snuff it and die
My life ain't for the government to pry
They can legally frame you as a terrorist
You really mean to say you ain't scared of this?
U.S. turnin' into 1984
I start the revolution I've been waitin' for
I'ma really give 'em somethin' to see, like public TV
If they wanna keep fuckin' wit' me
Under the glare of the All-Seeing Eye
With thunderous applause is how our freedom dies