[Marlin Talking:]

Yeah, I didn’t want to do this but
I just had to give you a piece of my mind


Well, how you suppose to be limitless when everyone has they limit
I swear if you ask me for something I’ll only give you a minute
Cause my time is money and you just a worthless dog
And I’m princess charming with all my flows and you just an ugly frog
Faking everything is alright when you know it’s going wrong
And just like your performance in bed your music won’t last long
And it failed to get my attention, I’m just past gone
And I’m about to smoke you nigga,
So Nymaz pass the bong

It’s your worst nightmare and it just came true
And this is a middle finger from everybody that you knew
With all that said and done, I started something new
I can give you a hint but you still won’t have a clue
Cause I woke up in flawless
Post up in flawless
Riding around in flawless
Now that crew shit is flawless
You were once a good investment
But now you nothing less
And ironically enough the team is limitless
Yeah, ironically enough the team is limitless