Summer 808

Summer 808 (Prod. by Bopsy Fresh)


The Pleasure Is All Mine [Bonus Edition] (2017)

[Pre-verse] :

I be like, If they don't remember me
Tell em it's M_O mobile phone Ha ha, and that was back in 05
When I was spit verse that literally felt like a high five Oh no,
There I go doing it again with my shawty that's a ten that's got me feeling like Ben
And I got this chick while macing on her in front of the hen
And I've got these teams that be rewrite history without a pen
And I've got more pride than a group of lions that live in a den
Cause I'm the positive glitch boy And I believe that I can make it

[Verse] :

Well, it's that positive glitch boy sound that's never been heard off
Mixed with that middle toned kid that they never take lightly
Cause if I were not celibate they still wouldn't fvck with me
And Bonni told me to wrap so this is an early gift from me
Even though I don't smoke, I still be slaying the high notes
And this is my season so I pray I be making the high notes
And all my haters can jot that shit down like we in Varsity
Where I am the lecture and you the student, I'm schooling you
People will tell you I have had a couple of my false moments,
Well, that shit is true and to my surprise the circle I got expelled from the new Skool
To apply and then be the leaders of Generation Y Latel,
I fvck with black panthers and not Cougars like I'm Malcolm X
Cause they try to bounce back into my life like them bad cheques
Funny enough they seem to pay more attention to me unlike these bad rappers
Cause I've always been topping these niggers like the ingredients for pizza